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  • The next Lego Architecture has set has been revealed by Flickr user motayan. The set is of the United Nations headquarters and the surrounding grounds. Interestingly, this was first rumoured in January of this year over on the Brickset forum after someone from the Lego group requested to obtain the rights to use a photograph in their instructions booklet.

  • As we are starting a new month Lego, has uploaded new instructions onto its website. In doing so they have revealed the next exclusive set that will be given to visitors of the Lego Factory Tour this year.

    The 4000008 set is of the "Villy Thomsen Truck", the second page of the instructions explains that this was the third truck bought by Lego in 1957 and was seemingly one of their most prized. The name comes from the haulage company that they sold the truck to, presumably so they could then lease it back for cash flow reasons as Lego were the only users of the truck.

    You can view the 4000008 instructions on our instructions browser. Check out the second page for some more pictures and the explanation.

  • Many of the upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings sets already have various pictures floating around on the internet, ranging from confidential retailers catalogue images to pictures from toy fairs. Below we have a gallery of the official high-resolution pictures for you to admire.

  • LEGO Hero Factory 2013 Pictures

    Posted on April 30, 2013 in Lego Set News

    Pictures of the upcoming summer Lego sets are rapidly becoming more available at the moment. Today we have some excellent pictures of the next wave of Hero Factory sets for you. Many of these have previously been photographed at Toy Fairs earlier in the year but now you can see them in full high-resolution.

  • Lego Castle 2013 Pictures

    Posted on April 25, 2013 in Lego Set News

    Tonight we have a few new pictures of the upcoming new Lego Castle theme for 2013. Many of you may have seen a few pictures of the sets before but it's always good to see the full detail in the official images. The sets are certainly aimed at a younger market, but there are still some excellent parts and some nice Knight Minifigures.

  • Lego have today announced the release date for the much anticipated upcoming Mindstorms EV3 set in a press release. The education variant of the set is due to be available starting on the 1st of August this year. Hopefully the consumer version will become available at a similar time.

    In related news, we are expecting them to also release a "Space Exploration" expansion set for the EV3 line after the release. This will likely be similar to the expansion packs they used to make for the original Mindstorms set.

  • Summer 2013 Friends Sets Pictures

    Posted on April 14, 2013 in Lego Set News

    Around this time last year we brought you the images of the 2012 friends sets, now it's time for the 2013 friends sets.

    In this summer wave there will be a total of 9 sets. Heartlake city is getting a bakery which seems to specialise in some delicious looking cakes and star shaped biscuits and a school building for the Lego friends minifigures to brush up on their sums and have a good chat over lunch. This time we get a sneak peak into the glamour of Andreas Bedroom, and Emma splashes out on a Sports Car. There also seems to be lots of summer fun at the beach with Olivia's brand new Beach Buggy and a rather substantial Dolphin Cruiser. We are treated to three new friends foil bagged sets; a pampered poodle, an acrobatic bunny and an adorable hedgehog.

  • Images of the next sets due to be released this summer have appeared over on Eurobricks. The line up includes many re-releases, which are obviously similar to the original sets but with much improved minifigures. There are a number of cool new Lego parts, most notably the transparent blue minifigure arm and some sort of hinge on the Stealth Starfighter.

  • Build your own Lego iPad Dock

    Posted on March 15, 2013 in Custom

    The new Lightning connector based iPads suffer from exactly the same problem as the iPhone 5, no official docks. So, as Lego is the solution to everything, we decided to create a successor to the Lego iPhone 5 dock, the Lego iPad Dock. The dock is designed for the iPad Retina, but it will also work with any other lightning connector based iPads such as the iPad mini.

    The iPad dock is quite similar to our iPhone dock but is a lot stronger and more stable, with about double the amount of parts. The dock has added support at the back to keep the iPad held up and has little rubber bumpers to stop the back of the iPad getting scratched. The back support also reduces wobble so you can use the iPad while it is docked.

    After you have built the dock, the cable that comes with the iPad simply clips into place on the Lego clips inside. It is then held firmly in place and won't move around when you dock or remove the iPad.

    The building instructions can be viewed for free, the list of parts required is on the last few pages. In total there are 79 parts needed.

    If you don't have all the required bits, or would prefer to get them all in one colour, you can buy a complete kit from us in black.

  • LEGO Spill Causes a Road Blockage

    Posted on March 5, 2013 in Lego News

    As you can see in the picture, yesterday afternoon in the USA one lane of a highway was blocked by a "mysterious" Lego spill. It looks like a vehicle inadvertently spilled a bunch of loose Lego blocks onto the road. Unfortunately for passers-by it is unlikely to be from new retail sets as there are no boxes.

    Via Geekologie

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