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LEGO Jedi Barriss Offee Minifigure with Blue Lightsaber

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LEGO Jedi Barriss Offee Minifigure with Blue Lightsaber


This is a brand-new LEGO Jedi Barriss Offee minifigure from the LEGO Star Wars theme. This figure is made up of 5 parts and was first released in 2010 It comes complete with Blue Lightsaber.

The Barriss minifigure features a completely black leg piece, with a black torso. The torso has printing on the front only- dark blue printing to depict the attire Barriss commonly wore, with a printed belt (brown with a shiny gold buckle) at the bottom of the piece. The torso also had black arms, with yellow-green hands, reflecting the skin tone that Barriss has in the Star Wars universe.
For the same reason, Barriss' head piece is also primarily yellow-green, with printing in various colours to represent the face- black printing for the eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes and detailing for the mouth, white for the pupils, and a dark blue for the mouth and tattoos in the centre of Barriss' face. There is also some additional printing around the top of the eyes for extra detail.


Brand Lego
Weight 5g
Sub Theme Clone Wars
Theme Star Wars
Year Released 2010
Included Accessories Blue Lightsaber