Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Syrena Mermaid Minifigure

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LEGO Syrena Mermaid Minifigure

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Syrena is a mermaid, those beautiful yet deadly creatures that lure men into the ocean, but she isn't like the rest; Syrena connects with the young missionary Philip Swift, and they fell in love despite the legends surrounding who and what she was. Syrena is the only mermaid to fall in love with someone human, and she is seen here with long, wavy molded brown hair, beautiful blue scale details, and a blue tail. This 2011 minifigure, part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, has a two sided head; one showing Syrena's sweet side, and the other, her true mermaid nature.


Brand Lego
Weight 6g
Theme Pirates of the Caribbean
Year Released 2011