Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow (Cannibal) Minifigure

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LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow (Cannibal) Minifigure

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The Cannibals have managed to take Captain Jack Sparrow as a hostage and made him their King! How did they get ahold of the notorious pirate' See Jack decked out in his Cannibal finest in this minifigure from the 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean series. Jack is an honorary member of the Pelegostos tribe with his frightening cannibal war paint, but manages to retain some pirate dignity in his buckles, white pirate shirt, and signature beaded dreadlocks. Jack has a terrified expression on his face, but can you blame him'


Brand Lego
Weight 5g
Theme Pirates of the Caribbean
Year Released 2011