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LEGO Sailor Minifigure (Series 4)

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LEGO Sailor Minifigure (Series 4)


This is a brand-new LEGO Sailor minifigure from Series 4 of the popular collectable minifigures series. This figure is made up of 4 parts and was first released in 2011 It comes complete with Telescope.

'Aye aye, Cap'n!' The brave and trusty Sailor can always be counted on in a nautical emergency. He can tie knots like nobody's business, spot a lighthouse through his spyglass from a hundred leagues' distance in the middle of a storm, and hoist a mainsail or batten down the hatches in no time flat. The Sailor has spent his whole life at sea, and he knows every tide and fathom like the back of his hand. He just doesn't feel like himself if he's not out on a sailing ship, feeling the deck roll beneath his feet and hearing the gulls squawking overhead. Freedom, adventure and the great wide sea: that's the life for him!


Brand Lego
Weight 8g
Sub Theme Series 4
Theme Collectable Minifigures
Set Number 8804-10
Year Released 2011
Pieces 6
Minifigures 1
Included Accessories Telescope