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LEGO Collectable Minifigures Magician Minifigure (Series 1)

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LEGO Collectable Minifigures Magician Minifigure (Series 1)

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This is a brand-new LEGO Magician minifigure from Series 1 of the popular collectable minifigures series. This figure is made up of 4 parts and was first released in 2010 It comes complete with Magic Wand.

'Hey presto, allez-oop ' and it's gone!' Appearing out of nowhere with a flourish of his cape and a twirl of his elegant, curly moustache, the mysterious Magician is the ultimate in stylish showmanship. He loves a good audience to appreciate his incredible and sense-defying magic tricks, but watch out ' not only is he an amazing performer, but he's also a talented prankster as well! He'll confuse, bewilder and amaze with a mix of sleight-of-hand and impossible feats, and the more surprised his audience is, the better. Whether he's making a flock of doves fly out of his wand or pulling a giant rabbit out of his magic hat, the Magician is always ready to put on a spectacular show'right up until he vanishes without a trace in a flash of lightning and a puff of smoke!

  • Sealed in packet
  • Comes with a free base


Brand Lego
Weight 10g
Sub Theme Series 1
Theme Collectable Minifigures
Set Number 8683-9
Year Released 2010
Pieces 9
Minifigures 1
Included Accessories Magic Wand