LEGO Power Miners Duke Keychain

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LEGO Power Miners Duke Keychain


Duke is the most experienced miner among the power miner team. He has spent many years digging for precious rocks under the Earth's surface and survived cave-ins and floods. Although initially unsure if Rock Monsters really exist, he soon becomes a key member of the power miner team, helping in the building of their drills and deep underground bases. He is seen here wearing the heat resistant suit, designed for the team by Chief scientist, Brains. The armour allows them to battle the Lava Monsters, which they encountered when they accidentally broke through the inner core of the Earth. I'm sure his heat resistant suit will come in handy, when attached to your keys, you take him to the beach on a sunny summer day.


Brand Lego
Weight 12g
Theme Power Miners
Set Number 852863
Year Released 2010