Build your own Lego iPad Dock

The new Lightning connector based iPads suffer from exactly the same problem as the iPhone 5, no official docks. So, as Lego is the solution to everything, we decided to create a successor to the Lego iPhone 5 dock, the Lego iPad Dock. The dock is designed for the iPad Retina, but it will also work with any other lightning connector based iPads such as the iPad mini.

The iPad dock is quite similar to our iPhone dock but is a lot stronger and more stable, with about double the amount of parts. The dock has added support at the back to keep the iPad held up and has little rubber bumpers to stop the back of the iPad getting scratched. The back support also reduces wobble so you can use the iPad while it is docked.

After you have built the dock, the cable that comes with the iPad simply clips into place on the Lego clips inside. It is then held firmly in place and won't move around when you dock or remove the iPad.

The building instructions can be viewed for free, the list of parts required is on the last few pages. In total there are 79 parts needed.

If you don't have all the required bits, or would prefer to get them all in one colour, you can buy a complete kit from us in black.