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  • A miniature 10-cm high Lego model of the Queen complete with a real diamond-encrusted crown will be installed at Legoland Windsor next month to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

    Described as “one of the most valuable LEGO models”, the Lego Queen will go on display on the balcony of a recreation of Buckingham Palace at Legoland Windsor’s Miniland.

    The accompanying 1.5-cm tall crown will feature 48 tiny diamonds worth thousands of pounds. The crown itself is made from silver, coated with rhodium

    “We decided to make a new Miniland figure of Her Majesty for the Jubilee celebrations but wanted to do something special for such a momentous occasion,” explained Sue Kemp of Legoland.

    “As it’s her Diamond Jubilee the idea of giving our LEGO Queen a real diamond crown seemed very fitting.”

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