Lego Star Wars Exclusives Rumour Roundup

We thought we would do a post about the next Lego Star Wars exclusives due to be released later this year. There have been rumours about a possible UCS X-Wing since last year, now thought to be around the £170 Mark. There has also been talk of an Ewok village for quite a while, stemming from a possible prototype Kashyyyk set from a picture of Lego's design studios.

Moving away from rumours, here is what we know. There will be a new new X-Wing set named "Red Five X-Wing Starfighter" with set number 10240. This will not be on the scale previous UCS sets like the Imperial Shuttle but it is still a fairly substantial set. Additionally, we can confirm there will be another exclusive named "Ewok Village" with a new Logray and at least four other Ewoks, but little other information is known at this time.

With these sets and the recent Palace Cinema, as well as several other exclusive still to be announced, we certainly have a lot to look forward to this year.