Lego Olympic Collectable Minifigures (Rumour)

Update: We now stock the full range of Olympic Minifigures

It is expected that Lego will be releasing a limited run of (UK only) Olympic Collectable Minifigures. Several sources have indicated a release is likely but the currently circulating image is dubious at best. It features several typos and the kit shown is not the 2012 Olympic clothing.

If the rumours are true it is likely it will be released, within the next few months, before the start of the Olympic games and we will be sure to stock them.

If the picture is correct, the Olympic minifigures will be:

  • Male Weight Lifter - He can compete with Series Two Weight Lifter.
  • Female Judoka - She can compete with Series Two Karate Master.
  • Male Boxer with boxing gloves.
  • Male Swimmer.
  • Male Tennis Player with tennis racket.
  • Female Equestrian Rider.
  • Male Archer with bow.
  • Male Relay Runner with baton.
  • Female Gymnast with beam - Maybe the Series Two Lifeguard can retrain and provide some competition.

Via Brickset