Build your own Lego iPhone 5 Dock

After Apple recently stated they will not be making a dock for the iPhone 5, we thought the best thing to do would be to design one in Lego.

It may be made of Lego but it still packs in a few features:

  • Tilted at slight angle to make the screen easier to view just like the official docks.
  • Lego Grills to let sound out just below the iPhone speaker.
  • Clips to hold the cable in place.
  • One handed easy removal from the dock.

After you have built the dock, the cable that comes with the phone simply clips into place on the Lego clips inside. It is then held firmly and won't move around when you dock or remove the iPhone.

You can view the building instructions for free, the list of parts required is on the last page.

Following on from the success of our Raspberry Pi case kit we have also made a kit available for the dock. If you don't have all the required bits, or would prefer to get them all in one colour, you can buy a complete kit from us in white or black.